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Everything to Know About Dragon Tree Care and Maintenance

Dragon tree care

The dragon tree is a great plant that can occupy nearly any size on the scale. Dragon tree, also known as Dracaena marginata, red-edge dracaena, or Madagascar dragon tree, is a trendy houseplant. It is loved for the texture of its foliage. Young dragon tree plants resemble a wild mound of wide-bladed grass and take a tree form as they age. So, if you plan to add this unique plant to your collection, here is all you need to know about dragon tree care and maintenance.

The dragon tree plant often grows up to be attractive, braided wood topped with a shock of foliage, similar to a miniature palm tree. The leaves are solid green or variegated with a cool shade of deep red. They are extremely diverse in height and known for adding texture to the surroundings at the exact height you need. Dragon tree care and maintenance are extremely simple and do not require much effort since it's a low-maintenance plant.

Some people keep them in a pot, while others prefer the taller ones that break up the levels in their living rooms. Dragontree has pretty dense foliage, which makes it ideal for popping in front of a window. The plant is also known to have air-cleaning properties that can relieve anxiety.

Caring for Dragon Tree

Apart from its unique foliage, another reason why people prefer to have this plant is its low maintenance needs. The colours of dragon trees are the brightest when placed near a sunny window, though they can survive dim light. It is fairly tolerant of low-light conditions and can grow well even in winter, provided there is some natural light in its environment.

The tree is also picky with soil types, but it likes to grow. When unchecked, it can reach a height of 6 feet tall. But if you don't want such height, you can clip off the top growth a few times per year to keep the height in check. Repotting is mostly a labour-intensive task due to its aggressive growth habits. It has a vigorous root system that will snake through the drainage holes of your pots throughout the year. You can repot the dragon tree to a larger pot in this pruning so that the pot can handle the size of its root ball.

Dragon Tree does not like waterlogging. Water it well so that its deep root system can get a good drink, but stop until the top inch of the soil has dried out before watering again. It is suggested that you lightly under-water your dragon tree rather than making its soil soggy, as it will do more harm. You may also give the plant a nice shower in the bathtub to clean the dust off its leaves. This can be done a few times per year. If it is too big, you can drag it to the bathroom and wipe the leaves with a damp cloth. This will help in keeping it looking fresh, and also make sure dust does not interfere with its ability to synthesize the little light it gets.


This is how you maintain and care for your dragon tree. Though it is a fairly low-maintenance plant, you still need to follow the instructions so that it grows effortlessly in a healthy environment.

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