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Everything About the Foxtail Palm

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Foxtail palms are known for their perfect proportions, full, rounded fronds and self-cleaning habit. It is an enchanting tropical palm available in single or multi-trunk specimens. The smooth grey trunk is topped with a green crownshaft with big tufted fronds, resembling a fox's bushy tail. You can buy foxtail palm for its charismatic beauty that suits well in almost any landscaping.

Plant Specs

Foxtail palms are fast growers and reach an ultimate height of about 30 feet. You can buy foxtail palm if you live in Zone 10 and areas of Zone 9B that closely border One 10, as it is best suited for these locations. These palms like plenty of sunshine and are moderately drought-tolerant once established. However, regular watering is ideal. The South Florida palms are moderately salt-tolerant and self-cleaning.

Foxtail Plant Care

You can plant foxtail palm with organic peat humus or topsoil added to the hole. They can be heavy feeders. So make sure to fertilize with a granular palm fertilizer that contains micronutrients. It is best to add fertilizers in spring, summer and autumn. Frequent supplement feedings, especially with manganese or magnesium, can help keep the frond deep green. Since the old ones fall off independently, you will never have to trim the frond.

Plant Spacing

Since foxtail palms have large fronds, it is suggested that you plant a single specimen at least 8 feet from the house. This will allow the head of the palm room to flush out without fronds being damaged. If planting in a row, place them at least 6 feet apart. If the head of the tree clears a fence or low structure, place it as close as 3 feet from the wall.

When the palm is young, it will work well in large containers. After flowering, the pal bears a large, heavy cluster of fruit containing seeds. The fruits are bright red, each size of a small tomato.

Landscape Uses for Foxtail Palm

Foxtail palm can work as a stand-alone specimen for the yard. It can act as a focal point and large anchor plant for a garden bed. It could be an architectural accent for a two-storey house, a lining for a walkway or drive, the centre of a circular drive, or a tropical accent near an uncaged pool. It could even be a beautiful view container plant for a patio or pool cage.

Benefits of Having a Foxtail Palm

  • Aesthetic appeal: foxtail palm can add a touch of tropical beauty to any landscape due to its lush, slim and graceful trunk and full fronds.
  • Low maintenance: Foxtail requires minimal maintenance, needing only occasional watering and pruning.
  • Tolerance to conditions: the foxtail palm is known for its resilience as it can withstand various soil conditions and weather extremes, including frost.
  • Attracts wildlife: The flowers and fruits of foxtail can attract a variety of birds, thus adding to the biodiversity of the surroundings.


Foxtail palm is safe for the surroundings, unlike other palms. It does not have invasive roots, thus making it an excellent choice to plant near buildings or walkways. It is also an excellent shade provider and air purifier.

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