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Agathis Robusta Queensland Kauri Pine

Ex Ground

Prices on request

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Habitat Requirements:

  • Thrives under Full Sunlight
  • Adaptable to Partial Shade
  • Compatible with Sandy Soil Types
  • Can Grow in Heavy/Clay Soil
  • Well-suited to Loamy Soil
  • Tolerant of Acidic Soil Conditions
  • Exhibits Frost Resistance
  • Shows Resilience to Drought
  • Capable of Withstanding Pollution
  • Resistant to Exposures in Coastal Environments
  • Able to Endure Tropical Heat

Pricing Information

Every tree in our collection is unique, varying in size, shape, and calliper. Because these factors affect the complexity of transport and transplantation, we offer customized quotes tailored to your chosen specimens.

Simply inform us of your preferred trees and desired sizes, then our team will provide a detailed quote to ensure each tree's distinctive needs are met.

The Benefits Of Buying An Advanced Tree

  • Instant Landscape Transformation:

    Mature trees can instantly change the landscape and improve the curb appeal of your property. They provide immediate shade, greenery, and a sense of established presence.

  • Privacy:

    Mature trees can provide immediate privacy from neighboring properties. Instead of waiting years for a hedge or young trees to grow, you can have instant screening with a mature tree.

  • Noise Reduction:

    If your home or development is located near a busy street or commercial area, mature trees can serve as an effective sound barrier, reducing the noise levels that reach your living spaces.

  • Erosion Control:

    The extensive root systems of mature trees help to prevent soil erosion, especially on slopes or embankments.

The Process Of Transplanting A Mature Tree

Identify the Tree's Root Zone

Before you begin, it's essential to identify the root zone or root ball of the tree. This is the area where the majority of the tree's feeder roots are located. It is typically estimated as 1 foot of root ball diameter for each inch of tree trunk diameter.

Prune the Roots

Root pruning should occur a few months before the actual move, ideally in the dormant season. This involves cutting a trench around the root zone to encourage the growth of new feeder roots, which will help the tree to establish itself in its new location.

Prepare the Tree

Prior to digging, prune dead or excessive branches from the tree. This reduces the tree's overall mass, making it easier to handle, and decreases water loss post-transplant.

Dig Around the Root Ball

After determining the root ball's size, begin digging around it. Try to retain as much soil around the roots as possible. The depth should ideally get under the root system but be feasible for lifting.

Undercut the Root Ball

Once you've dug around the periphery of the root ball, begin undercutting to sever the remaining roots beneath it.

Lift the Tree

With the root ball freed, carefully lift the tree out of the hole. For large trees, this will likely require machinery like a tree spade or crane. Always lift the tree by the root ball, not the trunk.

Prepare the Tree for Transport

Once the tree is out of the ground, it's critical to protect the root ball to prevent damage. Wrap it in burlap and secure it with twine, wire or steel basket. This not only holds the root ball together but also helps retain moisture.

Water the Root Ball

Prior to transportation, water the root ball thoroughly to ensure the roots stay moist.

Transporting the Tree

Load the tree carefully onto a truck or trailer for transport. The tree should be securely positioned to avoid damage during transit. The tree should ideally be planted in its new location as soon as possible to minimize stress and increase its chance of survival.

Agathis Robusta Queensland Kauri Pine - Ex Ground - Brisbane Plant Nursery
Brisbane Plant Nursery

Agathis Robusta Queensland Kauri Pine - Ex Ground


Habitat Requirements:

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