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How to Grow Mondo Grass?

How to Grow Mondo Grass? - Brisbane Plant Nursery

Mondo grass is a low-maintenance plant that requires minimal care. If you are looking for something visually appealing, it is a great ground cover option. However, it is important to ensure that it thrives and grows healthy. So here is a guide for you to plant and care for mondo grass so that you have a healthy plant in your garden.

Soil Requirements

  • Soil type and pH requirements: Mondo grass prefers well-draining soil, which is slightly acidic with a pH level between 5.5 and 6.5. So make sure you test the soil before planting to determine its pH level. You may purchase a soil testing kit. If the soil is too alkaline, you may add organic material like peat moss or compost to lower the PH level. If your soil is too acidic, you may add lime to raise its pH level.
  • Amending the soil: Ensure that you get rid of any existing weeds or debris from the area, as it will help prevent competition for nutrients and water. If the soil is poorly draining, you may amend it with perlite or sand in order to improve drainage and aeration. Make sure you mix the soil amendments thoroughly with the existing soil to create a uniform mixture. Another option is to add organic matter like compost or well-rotted manure. This will improve soil drainage and aeration while also adding nutrients, thus promoting the healthy growth of the Mondo grass.
  • Proper drainage: You need to ensure that the planting area is well-draining and sloped to prevent water from pooling around the roots. If you are planting on a slope, you may create a retaining wall to keep the soil in place. You may also make a drainage system by digging a trench around the planting area and filling it with gravel or small rocks, as it will help excess water drain away from the roots, thus preventing waterlogging and root rot.

Planting Mondo Grass

  • When to plant?: Early spring or early fall is the best time to plant Mondo grass as the soil is still warm, and the plant actually grows during this time. Hence, you can establish yourself more quickly. If you are planting it in the summer, ensure that the soil is consistently kept moist so that the plant can survive the heat.
  • Choosing the right location: Remember that Mondo grass prefers partial to full shade. Though it can tolerate sun, too much can cause the leaves to burn and turn yellow. This plant is a great option for those living in high-humidity areas since it thrives in moist environments. But if you live in an area of low humidity, you may need to water frequently in order to keep it healthy.
  • Planting techniques and spacing: Dig a while slightly larger than the size of the root ball and gently loosen the roots of the plant before placing it in the hole. If the roots are tightly bound, you may use a knife to make a few shallow cuts in the root ball in order to encourage growth. Backfill the soil and tamp it down firmly. You can place the plant about six inches apart.


Follow these steps to get a thriving and healthy ground cover of Mondo grass for your garden. It is a low-maintenance plant but may require some care when pruning it.

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