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All About the Jacaranda Tree

All About the Jacaranda Tree - Brisbane Plant Nursery

The Jacaranda is a tropical tree with glossy green leaves. Though indigenous to Central and South America, it grows all over the world in warm areas such as eastern Australia, Hawaii, southern Africa, and the south-eastern USA. It grows to a height of 25-30 feet and is often used in landscapes. The jacaranda tree can be a great addition to the backyard or garden. The tree can grow in grassland, bushland, riverbanks, and wooded ravines.

The Jacaranda tree is deciduous or evergreen, with the main distinguishing feature being the avenger blue blooms. These blooms have led to its popularity as an ornamental tree. It is a fast-growing tree and can be resurrected easily if damaged. It has a thin and grey-brown bark, which is smooth when the tree is young but eventually becomes finely scaly.

The twigs are slender, light reddish-brown and the leaves are twice-pinnately compound and 45cm long. The flowers are tubular, lavender blue, and appear in dense terminal clusters. You may often find the entire tree in bloom. The tree also bears flat, round, woody and reddish brown capsules containing numerous small winged seeds.

The leaves are large, heart-shaped, with pale green veins that run along the edges. It flowers in late spring and summer months with flowers appearing on tall and arching racemes that extend from the branches of the tree. The leaves are bright red and can grow up to four inches long, while the flowers are purple and the shape of a panicle. The abundant flowering lasts for 50-0 days under ideal conditions.

Types of Jacaranda Trees

  • Jacaranda mimosifolia Alba: Also called White Christmas, this is a full-size tree that can reach 40 feet in height and 60 feet in width. It has lush foliage and white flowers.
  • Jacaranda mimosifolia ‘Bonsai Blue’ is a dwarf variety distinguished by deep purple blooms. Its mature height is only 10-12 feet.
  • Jacaranda jasminoides: This is another dwarf variety with a maximum height of 10-25 feet and lilac or dark purple tubular flowers.
  • Jacaranda jasminoides ‘Maroon’: This is also a dwarf variety that attains a maximum height of 10-25 feet with dark maroon-purple flowers.

Use and Benefits of Jacaranda mimosifolia

The tree is widely used throughout Central America as a decorative plant. It is also used for ornamental purposes indoors and outdoors as it blooms throughout the year. Jacaranda mimosifolia is also used ethnobotanical in traditional medicine. The leaves, flowers, and bark of the plant cure neuralgia, varicose veins, and their infections. Widely grown in urban areas, its main value is as an ornamental tree.

Planting Jacaranda

Plant Jacaranda mimosifolia seeds outdoors in spring or fall and water them regularly until they are well-established. Remember that they will need more water than usual during their blooming season. Hence, it would help if you kept an eye on how much water they need throughout their growth cycle. Once the plant is in full bloom, you can cut back on the amount of water they receive until the next season. This will ensure that they keep producing flowers without getting overly stressed out during periods when little sunshine or rain falls around them.

Final Take

Jacaranda mimosifolia is an extremely attractive tree when in full bloom. It prefers full sunlight but grows well in partial shade. Its attractive, long-lasting violet flowers can be a great point of attraction in any landscape.

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